Cody & Rebecka's Rustic Loft Wedding at Wilstem Ranch, Paoli Indiana.

Cody & Rebecka's Rustic Loft Wedding at Wilstem Ranch, Paoli Indiana.

Where do I even begin with their wedding? Flowers, beautiful! Dress, Gorgeous! Venue, AMAZING! Couple, the cutest!! It was perfect. The neutral blush tones and the rustic feel of the loft were just perfection. We braved the cold weather to get some outdoor shots by the covered bridge and then danced the night away. 

Wishing them Health, Wealth, Happiness and a lifetime to enjoy it

Jake & Caitlin's Memphis, IN Summer Wedding

Jake & Caitlin's Memphis, IN Summer Wedding

ake and Caitlin's sweet summer wedding was so much fun. The love they share for one another is undeniable. Everything about this wedding had the couple's personal touch. They crafted and constructed down to the last detail to make things perfect. 

Chris & Cierra's Old Barn Wedding in Brown County

Chris & Cierra's Old Barn Wedding in Brown County

Chris and Cierra's wedding at The Old Barn at Brown County was a dream. This venue was perfect for their modern-yet-rustic style. The weather could not have been more perfect for them to celebrate the love they share with their closest friends and family. The fun atmosphere invited guest to dance, laugh, and simply enjoy themselves. 

Starry Nights. A trial and error production.

I am a member of the Pretty Presets Forum- Pretty Forum. If you don't know what pretty presets are and you're a photographer I highly recommend checking them out here

ANYWAY- I was browsing their tips and tricks section on the forum this week and came across a "Star Trail" tutorial and decided to give it a shot. I've always been fascinated by slow shutter speed photography. Streams, stars, moving cars, etc.  However, I did not know how much prep work goes into shots like those.

 Here's my first attempt. This is 21 images grouped together. I like it but I was hoping for a more continuous trail.

Nikon D800, Sigma 24-70mm, Tripod, Zoom ring @ infinity.

I set my interval timer to take one photo every 10 minutes for 3 hours.

My settings were- ISO: 800, F2.8, SS:30 seconds.

I ran a script in Photoshop (I googled star trail composite software) and darkened the blacks and shadows, increased the vibrancy, and lowered the temperature.

There were some shots where airplanes crossed my frame and it looks pretty neat but still a bit "dotty" if you will. 

Below is attempt #2. This one turned out a little nicer I lowered my ISO to 500 and had my interval take a 30 second photo every 5 minutes. Also pointed my camera at a different angle where the city lights weren't behind the trees.

First things first.

As many of you may know and maybe you don't know.... I am 36 weeks pregnant. According to the apps our baby is the size of a Papaya, Chihuahua, Crenshaw Melon, 2-Liter of Mountain Dew (yes they really compare babies to 2-Liters). He weighs about 6lbs (yes, it's a boy!). I'm blaming him for all this random inspiration to do things I've been having lately. Some people call it nesting. I'm just going to take it for what it's worth and hope it sticks. 

It's getting to the point in my pregnancy where I have to start thinking about labor.... HOLY COW. I have to birth this thing that has been growing inside me for 8+ months now. 

Are we ready? I'd like to think so. We've got his nursery set up, diapers and wipes to last a few months, more clothes than he'll ever be able to wear AND we even have a full name picked out.

Ryker Nolan Pickerill

Some days I am 100% ready for him to be here. I couldn't want to hold him in my arms more. Other days I am petrified of this new experience. This is our first baby and we are doing our best to be prepared but are you ever REALLY prepared to bring a new life into this world?! What if he's ugly? (Yeah, don't act like you weren't scared your children would come out a little funny looking) What if he's nothing  like me? What if he's EXACTLY like me? Or worse, what if  he's exactly like his father! ;) I'm just kidding, his fathers pretty great. After all, I decided to have children with him. 

In the meanwhile. I will impatiently wait for his arrival (only to later miss being pregnant, i'm sure.) and let my insecurities rest while Seth and I enjoy our last four weeks as a family of two.